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Personal training should be so much more than a training plan and a weekly 1 hour session. A good personal trainer should understand their clients needs and excel at getting the best out of them. Whether the target is to gain strength, build muscle, improve endurance, lose weight or a combination of them all, you need someone focussed on getting you results and not a weekly 1 hour session that doesn’t address the bigger picture. Online coaching is a much more effective route to the results you seek….


1) BE SPECIFIC: There is no “one size fits all” blueprint to achieve “fitness”. It is my job to help you to be specific about your goals and then help you achieve them.

2) MOTIVATE: Lets be honest, we all need help to stay motivated sometimes. Creating fitness plans that you will enjoy and developing a better relationship with, and understanding of food and nutrition is essential and is at the centre of all long term and sustainable change.

3) EDUCATE: Good personal trainers and coaches do more than just design a plan and count reps…WE TEACH! It is essential to give you the tools you need to sustain fitness and health goals in the long term and is at the forefront of my philosophy.

“Anything can be achieved with the right plan, the right support and the right motivation .”

"Getting great results isn't complicated - but that doesn't mean that it's easy."

The key to my clients getting fantastic results can be boiled down to a number of key principles.


Please check out my short video below where I will talk about these key principles, there importance to you and how I incorporate them with all my clients to make sure they not only get fantastic short term results but adopt them into their lives to maintain sustainable long term changes to their health.

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