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Get to know me

Once upon a time.....some years ago...

This was ME!

Before becoming a personal trainer, like so many of my clients I worked in an office.

I had always been active, played sports and enjoyed the gym. Somewhere along the way though, I had let myself get out of shape.

Poor choices with regard to my health were becoming the norm and I was miserable about it. I had adopted so many bad eating habits and was choosing convenience over quality meaning my energy and enthusiasm was at an all time low.

A change was needed…. eventually. For the first time in my life I sought out a personal trainer for help and committed to get back in shape.

Through this process I reignited my passion for health and fitness. I made the decision to become a personal trainer myself so that I could help others on their health journeys.

I have been down the same road as many of my clients so am uniquely qualified to help them get the results they need.


Fast forward in time...

...i look more like this these days!

I’m a personal trainer and online coach who loves his job and I love seeing my clients getting fantastic results. 

Now… i’m not saying you all need to do what I did and change careers. I was clearly not doing what I wanted to do professionally. However, if you have had enough of feeling overweight, tired, unfit and unhealthy then please… stop THINKING about it and start taking action. 

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We All need a little help sometimes...

You don't have to go it alone!